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About - Mr. Shrooms

About Us

Our Story

Mr. shrooms organics become based in 2010 with the aid of using Michelin educated ARTUS PORSELIN, who, set apart with the aid of using a crippling illness, launched into a culinary journey to locate the greatest and rarest mushroom conceivable and cause them to handy to all and sundry from the consolation in their personal Homes.

 Artus commenced Mr. shrooms organics with this imaginative and prescient primarily based totally on his personal studies operating in mini mushroom natural lawn throughout Europe in which he evolved a ardour for quality many different sorts and learnt approximately the significance of retaining those species store and out of extinction.

Having commenced withinside the ardour for gardening on the age of 19, Artus has best ever recognized gardening and that love and take care of natural matters is clear at each stage of the corporation.
We`re constantly at the hunt for the rarest and brilliant mushroom specie to get obsessed approximately, and try to live beforehand of the curve with the aid of using constantly coming across actually interesting species and developing them that greater humans want to understand approximately. The corporation has grown notably for the reason that early days of Mr. shrooms organics over ten years in the past which started out as a 1-guy operation of Artus himself growingg and turning in merchandise on a motorcycle round Colorado.  Today, we’ve got a massive lawn and keep processing room set-up of over 20 crew participants withinside the New Covent Garden Market, with a complete workplace operating at the back of the scenes, turning in a large variety of 2000+ merchandise across the us of a and internationally. We have on provide to spark conversations and encourage humans to attempt some thing new withinside the constantly. You can locate our recipes hub on the pinnacle of the web page at the proper beneathneath the quest bar.

Where We are Located

Our business is located in Colorado’s New Covent Garden Market, the heart of Colorado’s restaurant shopping scene. Our situation here makes it possible to enjoy the freshest seasonal ingredients with warmth. Our buyers here on the market have received the best in the industry for many years. It’s important to us to be in a hub where we have all the demand lines and can build a true relationship with our buyers. Building trust with your partners is important and an integral part of your business’s success.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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Curated Products
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Of course i really love your services and i look forward on buying more with you guys thanks so much for your spotless services towards me i will be back❤❤
Mila Kunit

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